A hospital where “patients come first”

Clinical Services

The Hospital offers 24-hour accident and emergency services in a well equipped Accident & Emergency Department with two emergency surgical theaters including orthopedic/trauma unit, recovery rooms and two 10-bed capacity wards and observation rooms attached.

The Radio-diagnostic department has a state of the arts 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, 64 slices CT scanner, fluoroscopy machine, high resolution Ultrasound scanners, Digital X-ray machines and Mammography to enhance medical diagnosis through good quality imaging. 

 The Hospital has four well equipped surgical theater suites with endoscopic facilities and modern anesthesia machines as well as laser surgery for urological and general surgical procedures with a team of skilled well motivated surgeons. 

Furthermore the ophthalmology department has an advanced phacoemulsification machine, optical coherence tomography (OCT), vitreo-retinal surgical equipment and laser surgery units engaged in ophthalmic surgeries and Procedures.

At the department of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), there are facilities for micro-ear surgeries and endoscopic sinus surgeries amongst other ENT procedures.

There are 4 orthopedic wards with state of the art equipment and facilities for handling complex fracture and other related cases.

The Dental department of the Hospital is well equipped with modern dental surgery facilities and a dedicated dental x-ray unit attached. The Paediatric Department has facilities for special care baby unit (SCBU) to take care of newborn babies with medical challenges as well as a pediatric out-patient unit with well equipped consultation rooms, Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU) and a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The Hospital has two Intensive Care/High Dependency Wards for adult patients. 

The laboratory services departments of the Hospital are well equipped with 24 hour services in hematology and blood transfusion, microbiology/parasitology, chemical pathology, immunology/virology as well as histopathology. The histopathology department provides 24 hours mortuary services.

 The nephrology and renal dialysis unit  provides 24 hours haemodialysis service for patients with viral hepatitis and HIV infection with highly trained and motivated nephrologists and renal care nurses supervision.

Physiotherapy unit is second to none in the region with modern facilities as well as well motivated and trained staff to provide for the needs of patients e.g. with neurological and musculo-skeletal disorders etc.

The Health information and records department has a modern electronic health records system with 24 hours internet services.

In addition to medical care we have facilities for laundry and catering services with well trained and dedicated dieticians to cater for the dietary needs of patients and visitors.

We have a well furnished staff quarters with 24 hour power and water supply to provide conducive accommodation for doctors and all essential duty staff. 

The Hospital has a constant 24/7 power supply  through the National grid and twin 500kva standby generating set, further supported by some dedicated standby generators with solar power supply systems for critical units.

There  are well equipped ambulances  services  for 24 hours for patient services and utility vehicles for call duty services for essential duty staff and available round the clock security personnel for the safety of staff, patients and visitors, for 24 hours. 

There are 24/7 internal and external cleaning services to ensure  a very clean and infection free Hospital environment with landscaping to maintain beautification and green areas.

Other services include pharmaceutical counseling on drugs usage, outpatient clinics and antenatal clinics and deliveries  

Other Departments of Hospital include the works and maintenance department with biomedical engineering unit for day to day maintenance of our equipment to ensure 24 hours uninterrupted service delivery.